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Marc Rio

Object        : Bottle
Culture       : Croatia
Country      : Italy
Date           : [20th Century]
Dimensions : H : 31in. X  W 6in.
Collection   : B.L.A.S.T. Museum




Maraschino liqueur, is a distinctive cherry liqueur. It’s flavor comes from Marasca cherries.Their crushed pits and honey give an almond-like flavor to Maraschino cherries.

Historically, Marasca cherries are grown in the Croaition region of Zadar. At the beginning of the 16th century monks of the apothecaries of the Dominican monastery at Zara (Zadar – Croatia) created the recipe for this liqueur. Believed to have medicinal powers it became the drink of choice by many kings and privileged men.

The goal of a man named Ernest Wiegand in aiding cherry farmers with how to preserve their Queen Anne cherries in an alcohol-free way. In America the controversy of Prohibition arose, and with the ban of alcohol, so went the the liquor soaked cherries. Wiegand devised a process of soaking the fruit in a brine with calcium salts to compete in a growing maraschino market. Doing so he created the modern maraschino cherry.

Today Maraschino liqueur is used to create many cock tales and the cherries are famous garnishes.

This decanter is still being researched by B.L.A.S.T. Museum Investigators and information will be  updated soon.



Object       : Drinking Vessel / Cup
Country    : United States of America
20th Century

Modeled for the South American, Chilean Polynesian Culture.

The Vessel Cultural Exchange Collection





The Moai are the 887, giant stone heads on Easter Island.
Modern excavation has lead to discovery that some are full figured and standing figures that have been covered by earth over time.

These monolithic human figures were created by the Rapanui people during ancient times, between 700 – 1100 A.D. and are believed to be stone representations of deceased ancestors and chiefs.

Easter Island is a Chilean Polynesian island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world.  Easter Island is also investigated by scholars in belief that it may be a place on earth past visited by ancient aliens, because the production, transportation, and placement of the 887 statues is considered to be one of the most remarkable creative and physical feats known to man. The tallest erected, called Paro,  measures almost 10 metres (33 ft) in height and weighs 82 tons. The heaviest erected, shorter but squatter, Ahu Tongariki, weighs in 86 tons. Another unfinished sculpture, if completed, would be approximately 21 meters (69 ft) tall with a weight close to 270 tons.

The Aku Aku Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada has been pinpointed by V. C. E. Investigators as being famous for serving house specials in Moai and Tiki style cups.

Dedicated in memory of Mr. Edward Trufant.
I might have been 15 years old when he gave them to me. I was able to restore this one after the Wicked Storm Sisters, Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma , and Rita destroyed my city.