Rashad Michelle … “Hello Kiti Howaito”


The Vessel Cultural Exchange is pleased to announce a very special permanent collection and exhibit opening September 29, 2013.

Rashad Michelle … Hello, Kiti Howaito ”

Inspired by the movie, Falling Down, the Rashad Michelle … “Hello, Kiti Howaito” collection started as a distant father held onto birthday gifts unreceived by his daughter.  The goal of his effort was  aimed toward getting them to her one day and achieving a change of heart,  and begin to change her pessimistic opinion of him. The birthday gifts in the collection can be identified by the numbers 09 beginning their assession number. Some are Christmas gifts and can be identified by their assession number beginning in 12. Others are gifts for other holidays and can be identified by their first two numerals in their assession number and related to months of the year. The collectables of the recognizable character, Kitty White, of the group “Hello Kitty” vary in value. The V C E is honored to curate and display such an ambassador of love and happiness in popular culture and an expression of a fathers love.

Proud congratulations to
Ms. R. M. Patterson, Owner
Rashad Michelle … Hello, “Kiti Howaito” Collection.

Loyola University  2013

With love wishing  Biggie, Happy Birthday!

Sir M.D.Brown


One thought on “Rashad Michelle … “Hello Kiti Howaito””

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