The Wine Wing

The Wine Wing embraces elegance and sophistication as it delivers the amourous satisfaction of wine. While accommodating the general visitor, connoisseurs can relate. A delightful attraction of the Wine Wing is Sweets and Eats, a restaurant corridor focusing on pairing of table style wines with dazzling deserts and  confections. This unique sampling experience is sistered with Wine-A-Mentals, an attraction with focus on facts and tid bits about wine.  Another fun component of the hall is What Ya Got In Tha Cellar, which explores wine history, the fermentation process, and wine grape geography.  Bacchus’ Favor, and it focuses on drinking myth, folklore, deities, and entities associated with and attributed to the fantasy world of drinking. This exhibit also attempts to take a look at this pleasure from a theological perspective. An individual who may be devote in Christianity may be surprised to find that words beer and wine are words that appear in the Bible a little more than they would think and in different contexts. ‘Give strong drink to him who is perishing. And wine to him who is bitter.’ – Proverbs 31:6. “Although the Bible makes no reference to brewing, an Assyrian clay tablet dated around 2000 B.C. lists beer among the supplies taken aboard Noah’s Ark.” (Steubenville,2007) In lieu of loan, a prized display and exhibition, “You Lookin’ or Drinkin’ features the Kuba palm wine cup chosen from the Southern University at New Orleans African Art Collection. Kuba cups are sculpted prestige objects associated with royalty African culture of the Democratic Republic of Congo and serve as wonderful examples of cultural art that greatly helps to sustain the museum’s permanent collection.

An envisioned expansion of the Wine Wing will include a full and separate restaurant, bar, grill, and showroom to be called Wine Wing the Second and will feature Flasks And Skins an addition to the Wine Wing that will enhance the B.L.A.S.T. Museum visitor experience through personal wine making workshops. Wine Wing II will give the B.L.A.S.T. Museum the opportunity to accommodate separate and simultaneous functions and will be the ideal place to hold a sampling party after and during a personal wine making experience.


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