Beer N’ NotSo Beer

“Beer N’ NotSo Beer”, is the B.L.A.S.T.Museum’s hall and showroom dedicated to the world according to beer. This hall features the history of beer and its importance to the world. It houses the temporary gallery, Beer d’Benefitis, which features rotating exhibitions that focus on and exposes little known beer facts. Like. Did you know… beer helped to shape and save the world?

(1). Many early beer brewers were women: Clay tablets from Mesopotamia indicate that the majority of beer brewing during that time was done by women, and that it was a fairly well-respected occupation.

(2). A beer recipe is one of the oldest documents known to man: An ancient clay tablet discussing the preparation of beer is the oldest recorded document known to man.

(3). Beer built the pyramids: Egyptian pyramid slaves, stone cutters, and public officials were often paid with beer. This particular beer was called kash is where the modern American word cash is derived.

(4). The Mayflower stopped at Plymouth Rock for beer: A diary from a Mayflower passenger indicates that instead of continuing on to Virginia, the pilgrims decided to stop in Plymouth Rock because they were out of beer and wanted to restock.

(5). Louis Pasteur experimented with beer before milk: As he worked to perfect the pasteurization process, Louis Pasteur killed bacteria in beer before milk.

(6). Diamonds can be tested in beer: Sierra Leone jewelers immerse diamonds in beer to study the way they reflect light and prove their authenticity.

Other facts and tidbits include: Timelines – beer dates back to 3,500 B.C.  Health – Research indicates, moderate beer drinkers have a decreased risk of developing gallstones or late-onset diabetes. PsychologyCenosillicaphobia, the fearof an empty glass.

Sources: 25 Historical Facts, 2012
Discovery Channel Presents, 2012
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