Miller Beer




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Frederich J. Miller  –  Brewery Owner
1855 : Founded the Miller Brewing 
Company at Plank Road Brewery.  A German immigrant to the United States, Miller learned the brewing business in Sigmaringen, and his slogan,  “Quality, Uncompromising and Unchanging”,  became the vision and mission for his beer and company.

1981 – 1985 : The Miller Lite World Series of Tavern Pool Tournament

Held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas in 1983.  Local tavern  8 and 9 Ball Pool players from across the United States received this souvenir tankard along with their competition eligibility upon payment of a $ 9.00 tournament entry fee.




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  1. Reblogged this on theblastmuseum and commented:

    Investigating this tankard was fun. The primary source for the information collected came from a thread of posts from a number of participants and audience members of these tournaments. They spoke of fun and good times.

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