Africa – Banana Beer

Banana beer is regarded as the most popular and wide-spread alcoholic beverage in all of Africa. A type called Mbege, is produced by the Chagga peoples of Tanzania and is the most notable of banana beer made in all of Africa. It is the traditional drink during social celebrations such as marriage negotiations,birth, and Christian confirmation parties. It is also consumed during solemn rituals like funerals and is known to be used as payment to settle court cases.

Made with bananas and cereal flour (often sorghum flour) the regional variations are numerous.

Banana beer is the first alcoholic beverage to be identified by the nickname “Jungle Juice”.

Although today many African breweries produce and export banana beer around the world, it is traditionally consumed immediately after preparation because of its short shelf life. When properly formulated banana beer is known to have the health benefits of being naturally gluten-free, contains unaltered proteins, be full of B-vitamins, and assists in releasing muscle cramp preventing potassium.


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