Hello world!

I’m, Michael Brown.

In 2011, I was accepted as a student to the Southern University at New Orleans Masters of Arts in Museum Studies Program. In 2001, I received a certificate in Bartending/Bar Management from Crescent City School of Gaming and Bartending in New Orleans. In 2010, I placed 1st in the Carnival Cruise Line Mixologist competition aboard the Carnival Miracle. In 2003, I earned a certificate in Landscape Design from Delgado Community College. I am also a member of the National Home Gardeners Club and operate the Freelance Gardening Group, a speciality landscape service. I recieved my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Southern University at New Orleans in 2011. I am a history minor and I enjoy english.The B.L.A.S.T. Museum Vessel Cultural Exchange started as, “what I took as an assignment from Yu Jiang,PhD. He told me to turn my private collection into a museum. My B.L.A.S.T.Museum idea was immediately embraced by my other professors, David Reip, Ph.D. and Sara Hollis,Ph.D.

When I started this blog, I bagan to explore the idea of turning my imagination into reality and this site serves as a temporary venue. It is another step on the road of opening a real museum.” I thank you and everyone for visiting the B.L.A.S.T. Museum Vessel Cultural Exchange”.

Southern University at New Orleans Fall 2011
Taken by David Riep,Ph.D.
Country:Democratic Republic of Congo
Collection:Southern University at New Orleans Davis Collection of Central and Western African Art
Date: c.1900

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